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Marc Light (Scotland)
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Lucky enough to be brought up surrounded by some of the best trout fishing water in Scotland it was inevitable that sooner or later in my childhood I would become drawn to fly fishing and also fly tying.

Fly tying for me goes hand in hand with fly fishing, I find it relaxing, creative, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time, it can be as challenging or as easy as you make it, we all know someone or indeed may well have caught fish ourselves on the most rag tag hanging apart sodden clump of feathers attached to a hook you could ever wish to see and yet .... does this stop us from trying to create the most amazing technically realistic flies ever seen? Does it stop us trying to push the boundaries of our craft, seek out new materials, new patterns? No, not in the least because fly tying is not just about filling a box with useable flies, it‘s about creation and our need to push our own boundaries and limits, it‘s a melting pot of "I made that" pride and "I wonder if this will work" curiosity, a blend of "damn that looks good" mixed in with "hell that was hard work, not doing that again .... ok maybe just one more" and above all else it‘s that extra reward when a particularly fussy trout looks at all that work you have put in and lifts its head to suck down your offering in acknowledgement of a job well done.

In my spare time when I‘m not fishing, thinking of fishing or wishing I was fishing I pretend I run a busy specialist motor garage, spend time with my five year old daughter, my boxer dogs and sometimes I even spend time with my girlfriend, after all even the best of us need‘s something to do when it‘s raining.

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