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Bram Van Houten - Netherlands


Hello, my name is Bram van Houten and I am a fly tyer based in Holland. Fly fishing and fly tying is one of my hobbies for the last 21 years. I started fly tying with Ben Pont (the patriarch of the nymph fishing in Holland). From him I learned the basics of fly tying.


Now, 21 years later, I still love doing this hobby. I try to make my flies unique, by giving new looks to patterns that already exist. I use because of that a lot of new materials. Later, when the fly is finished I will  test it in the water. When I have got some spare time I will go to Czech Republic or Slovenia. If not, I will test nearby my house in a river or lake.


For the people who love my flies I am busy making a website, where you can buy most of my flies and buy some bind materials that I use a lot. The website will be soon online and you can find it under the name “”.


I wish everybody a lot of fun with making their own flies an trying them out in the water.
Bram van Houten